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An effective method of removing unwanted hair permanently. (Sterile disposable needle used for each client)


Electrolysis involves a tiny probe inserted into the hair follicle, which is hollow so you don’t feel discomfort. Then a small amount of diathermy, which feels like a small burst of heat is released into the follicle. The heat cauterizes the tiny blood vessels supplying the hair and separates the dead hair from its base. The hair is then gently removed.


By combining the lye produced through galvanic method along with the heat from electrolysis, hair follicles are destroyed much more effectively and efficiently. First, when lye is heated, it has a stronger effect on the hair follicle. Next, the tissue becomes more porous allows the heated lye to disperse more. The hot lye solution spreads into all areas of the hair shaft. This helps to prevent cells both shallow and deep from building new hairs.

It is common for people to transition from blend to thermolysis once their hair becomes finer and is growing in more slowly.


Name Cost
5 Mins Electrolysis €17.00
10 Mins Electrolysis €23.00
10 Mins Blend €31.00
15 Mins Electrolysis €29.00
15 Min Blend €36.00
20 Mins Electrolysis €36.00
20 Mins Blend €44.00
30 Mins Electrolysis €44.00
30 Mins Blend €55.00
45 Mins Electrolysis €57.00
45 Mins Blend €65.00



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